Milos Island

Milos is an island of the western Cyclades. Its exceptional natural beauty is characterized by the impressive morphology and variety of soils due to the volcanic nature.

Milos has over 90 beaches and the most unique beaches in all of Cyclades, Greece. From absolute organization to perfect isolation: Ahivadolimni, Sarakiniko, Agia Kiriaki, Paliochori, Fyriplaka, Provatas, Tsigrado, and Papafragas are a few of the most popular visited beaches.

Milos is ideal for those seeking relaxation and tranquility. Guests have the opportunity to engage in a wide range of activities such as scuba diving, canoe kayak, wind / kite surfing, snorkeling and sailing. Other enjoyable activities include geological walks, hiking /climbing and motorcycling. Milos is an ideal place for lovers of tradition because of the settlements (Adamas, Triovasalo, Plakes, Pollonia, Tripiti, Zefiria) each village with its own character.

Apart of the Island’s impressive beauty, visitors can admire its interesting cultural aspects. The museums of Milos attract hundreds of visitors each year. Ecclesiastical, Folk and History, Naval, and War museum. The most important, however, is the archeological museum with the copy of the famous statue of VENUS, discovered accidentally in 1820 by a farmer.

There are also several interesting archeological destination on the island, such as the prehistoric city of Philakopi, the ancient city of Klimas Roman theater and the religious sites, early Christian Catacombs, churches.

It is not only worth enjoying the beneficial properties of the spa featuring island, but also the delicious local foods.

Milos, from the tourist point of view, is of great interest and has the infrastructure that will leave guests an unforgettable vacation experience!